Meet the Finalists: Gujerati Girls!

>> Monday 2 July 2012

With less than week to go before the Nom Nom Nom 2012 cook-off, today we'd like to introduce two more of the finalists.  The Gujerati Girls aka Meena and Urvashi

What makes you two the perfect NomNomNom pairing?

We are both passionate about food but also our Gujerati heritage. We’ve learned skills from our foremothers and aunties and adapted them to suit the recipes we’ve grown up with in modern Britain.

 Urvashi from Gujerati Girl

What do you love about the cuisine/cuisines that you have chosen to represent in NomNomNom 2012?

Gujerati cuisine marries simple flavours with simple techniques making it everlasting for generations to come

If you were marooned on a desert island which ingredient could you not live without?

Chilli for Urvashi and for Meena. It adds a little excitement and heat but if also incredibly healthy for the immune and digestive systems. It would keep us healthy on the island and would marry well with savoury and sweet!

What’s your favourite social media tool / network when it comes to food? How does it help with the food you cook or eat out?

Urvashi - Instagram for Twitter - helps me to take a picture and post it for comment, review or simply to share my eating pleasure.  Twitter for Meena too as it helps get to know other food bloggers

And finally, what is the special element that will ensure that your team win?

Simple, great tasting dishes presented for those who eat with the eyes as well as their tastebuds

Good luck to the Gujerati Girls on Sunday and watch out for more interviews with the finalists this week.


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