Meet the Finalists: The Chorizo Chicas

>> Tuesday 3 July 2012

As the Nom Nom Nom cook off gets ever nearer, it's time for another chat with our finalists.  Today it's the turn of Victoria & Dolly aka The Chorizo Chicas

Victoria from Alphabet Soup

What makes you two the perfect NomNomNom pairing?

Our friendship has been rooted in food from the very beginning. Neither of us need much persuasion to turn a quick drink into a three course meal with free flowing wine. Conversation rarely strays from food for long and we always end an evening deciding where we’re desperate to eat next. WE REALLY LIKE EATING. We also like to have fun, so we’re hoping our relaxed style and ability to laugh at ourselves (and each other) will hold any kitchen meltdowns at bay.

Dolly from Dolly Does

What do you love about the cuisine/cuisines that you have chosen to represent in NomNomNom 2012?

Our first meal together was at a Spanish tapas restaurant where we discovered our shared love of food. There is something particularly appealing about Spain’s relaxed dining culture – perhaps we’re romanticising here, but we like to imagine that a cheese sandwich lunch, scoffed at your desk, is as foreign to the Spaniards as not forming an orderly queue is to the Brits. We love big, gutsy flavours in simple dishes and both agree that a world without chorizo would be a much sadder place.

If you were marooned on a desert island which ingredient could you not live without?

Dolly: Butter. Almost anything can taste good if doused in sufficient butter. There's fun to be had scavenging around an island, sautéing tropical plant roots and fish fins in butter.

Victoria: I may be starting to sound like an obsessive here, but mine would have to be chorizo. I adore chorizo. With its oozing orange oil and fragrant, spicy meat, it can turn the blandest of dishes into a heady delight.

What’s your favourite social media tool / network when it comes to food? How does it help with the food you cook or eat out? 

Pinterest. We’re always trawling through other people's food pins. It's like one giant shared food magazine, with people dog-earing pages for recipes and passing them along. There are lots of beautiful photos and it’s great for getting inspiration, whether it's just for your dinner, party ideas or serving suggestions.

And finally, what is the special element that will ensure that your team wins?

The juiciest, paprika-rich chorizo in all of London. Even vegetarians won’t be able to resist its seductive charms.

We get the impression that these ladies like their chorizo!  Best of luck to Dolly & Victoria for Sunday and look our for more finalist interviews over the next few days.


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