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What is Nom Nom Nom?
It's a fun competition for bloggers, writers, photographers and food enthusiasts. On Sunday July 8th 2012, nine teams of two will shop for ingredients to make a three course Olympic menu. We want to see nine different menus from around the Globe made in a day at  Cookery School. This will be judged by a panel of food professionals in the Expert Judges' Choice

Two weeks afterwards, there's a public "Viewers' Choice" vote for the bloggers who produce the best online record of their meals. There will also be prizes for pair who get the most votes in the "Viewers' Choice".  

Here's all you need to know about entering this year

Who's behind Nom Nom Nom?
Nom Nom Nom 2012 wouldn't exist without Cookery School (with the help of Annie Mole from London Underground Tube Diary).

When does it happen?
Sunday, 8th July 2012. Finalists will receive a full schedule a bit nearer to the event. But you'll need to be free that whole day if you want to take part.

Where does it happen?
The event takes place at Cookery School in central London, right here.

How big can my team be?
You'll be working in pairs. Both members of the team must be bloggers, photographers, writers etc (see below).

I want to take part but haven't got a blogger to pair up with?
Don’t worry, just let us know and we can put you in contact with someone you can team up with.   

What will we be expected to do on the day?.

-          The day will begin with a trip to the local farmers market (Marylebone), speciality shops and some supermarkets to buy all of your fresh ingredients.
-          After your shopping, you'll return to Cookery School for a kitchen orientation and then the cook-off begins. The challenge is to cook a traditional three course meal, with one cold / uncooked dish, from your native country.
-          We’re looking for classic dishes (with a twist if you like), made with the best ingredients and as always with a focus on seasonality and sustainability.
-          There will be 2 ½ hours of cooking time for all teams.
-          You will need enough for 4 portions of each course and you shouldn’t spend more than £40.
-          A panel of judges will taste test all the dishes on the day and the  Expert Judges' Choice winner will be announced late afternoon.
-          While shopping (and throughout the event where time allows), you should share your experience in social media, be it by Tweeting pictures, video blogging, or posting to Facebook. 

Who pays for the ingredients?
Each team must pay for their own ingredients. Please don't spend more than £40 to prepare your meal for four. We will have some basic ‘store cupboard’ ingredients kindly provided by Cookery School.

What do we need to do before the event?
You will need to submit a traditional three course Olympic menu from your native country, with one dish that does not need to be baked, roasted or cooked on a hob (ie there is no use of the cooker or oven).

We're looking for classic dishes, made with the best ingredients and with a focus on seasonality and sustainability.

All successful finalists will be asked to use a Cuisine Systeme 5200 at some some stage in the preparation. Magimix our lead sponsor will very kindly loan this appliance to one member in the finalist team before the event, so you can practice using it.

Do I have to have a blog to enter?
Not necessarily, Nom Nom Nom is an event for the online foodie community. So if you have a food-related blog, lots of great food shots online, or even just a Twitter account that’s full of food-related goodness, then you’re eligible.

What can I win?
On the 8th July 2012, a judging panel will decide the best lunch of the day in the Expert Judges' Choice. Those winners will get a selection of food & cookery related goodies donated to us by our supporters and sponsors (we’ll be announcing the prizes over the next few weeks, so make sure you come back and take a look).

Two weeks after the live cook-off, we’ll be opening up the judging to the public for a Viewers' Choice vote. The public will be encouraged to come to this site to see all the photos, videos and other content created on the day and vote for the lunch they think was best. Once the votes are counted, the overall Viewers' Choice winning team will also receive a prize.

Finally, all finalists will receive a Cookery School shopping bag before they head off to the shops for the day and a special goody bag packed with food and drink related treats to take home after the contest (here's what was in last year's).


Who are the judges?
We are lining up some great people to judge Nom Nom Nom this year. Watch this space for full details.  Nom Nom Nom 2011 Judges were here.

What’s the connection with Action Against Hunger?
Just after the live cook-off event, there will be an online raffle in aid of the charity Action Against Hunger. We’ll be giving away some great prizes from our sponsors and supporters, so check back here for more details soon.

How can I enter?
Please download this entry form, complete with your menu details, and return to info@nomnomnom.co.uk by 11.59pm Friday 8th June 2012 

Can I get involved in supporting Nom Nom Nom 2012?
Absolutely, we’re looking for people to donate prizes for the winners, goodies for the finalist bags and items for our charity raffle. You can get in touch with us on info@nomnomnom.co.uk


About Nom Nom Nom

Now in its fifth year, Nom Nom Nom is a MasterChef style competition giving the internet's finest bloggers, food photographers and food writers the chance to compete against each other in a professional kitchen. To find out more click here

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