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>> Thursday 26 July 2012

And so it came to pass, on the seventh day, they took part in Nomnomnom. Again. Like two (well) seasoned veterans of the competition, bringing unlimited enthusiasm and limited talent.

A flickr of hope were Kai and Jonathan. Cooking a Chinese/English fusion for this Olympic nom challenge. And what a challenge it was; just see how keen they were to get eating...

Flickr of Hope, Jon and Kai

The challenge? A three course menu for four. The menu?

Starter: Mango and papaya salad
Main: Chinese roast belly of pork served with mash and English & Chinese greens
Desert: Spiced apple gyoza

How did it happen? Well, let's start with the starter. Whilst Jon was playing around with the locally sourced farmers market potatoes, Kai got cracking on the papaya and mango (not quite so local or seasonal).

Papayas Le pom!

And whereas Kai was busy sourcing the belly from Ginger Pig, Jon lamented the absence of cheese from the menu.

Pork belly from the Ginger pig Sad avec la Fromagerie

But then again, Kai was very excited about making the pork marinade.

Kai excited about the pork belly Pork marinating

Yeah. That was some pork. But then it was on to the gyoza, and making the pastry. This is where the magimix came in handy, making light work of mixing flour and water into a nice doughy mixture. (Incidentally, Jon tested the magimix before the big day by making bread, and found it super easy using some lovely Allinson flour from a previous nom goody bag! Not that he hoards ingredients for ages.)

Jonno DSC_4246

From there it was time for more chopping, like any good chef-y team.


After an hour, the spiced apple sauce had been made by cooking down some organic Bramley apples with brown sugar and cinnamon. Imagine those smells together. Y'up, it was that good.

Apple sorcery Jon from Flickr of Hope

And so to the fiddly bit - making the gyoza. Now despite Jon trying out the fiddly gyoza folding beforehand, Kai brought along some very clever contraptions that made perfect gyoza shapes. (and no that's not cheating, as we'd already done it - proof).

Flickr of Hope's neat goyoza contraption

So after making a whole host of gyoza, it was time to cook them in some butter and sugar, mash the potatoes, stir fry the veg, carve the pork belly, serve up the salad and try not to panic. And panic we did not, serving up what were some pretty respectable looking (and tasting) plates of food.

The starter: Mango and papaya salad (with coriander and chilli)


The main: Chinese roast belly of pork with two types of mash and Chinese & English vegetables

Flickr of Hope's epic slab of meat and two mash

Desert: Spiced apple gyoza with cinnamon cream

Flickr of Hope's goyoza

If you like the look of the whole dinner, you should probably vote for us. Go on.

Our meal

Yeah. Go on and vote. It will make us very happy :-)

A flickr o' hope



sophdea 27 July 2012 at 08:53  

Is that Kai eating rhubarb?

Impressive gyoza-making, team Flickr of Hope...

Elizabeth 27 July 2012 at 11:32  

Amazing work chaps - apple gyoza looks especially scrummy...x

Anonymous,  3 October 2012 at 00:02  


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