Meet the finalists: SummerStew

>> Wednesday 7 July 2010

Another chat with more NomNomNom finalists. This time it's Ben from Londonist and Jia - who'll be entering as Summer Stew.

Team Summer Stew

What makes you two the perfect NomNomNom pairing?

We’re both absolutely fanatical about food. We’ve got food on the brain – when we’re having lunch, we already think ahead to dinner and the next day's meals.

What impact do you think social networks and bloggers have had on the world of cooking and/or restaurant reviewing?

Social networks and bloggers have given more power to the customer - anyone can be a reviewer. Word of mouth is a powerful thing. A little place someone discovered can be the next big thing, or on the flip side, a bad review tends to draw out more criticisms of a place.

Can you tell us about a memorable disaster you’ve had in the kitchen?

Ben: About two years ago, with my new espuma. I decided to make a butterbean foam (they were what I had to hand), but wasn’t fully aware how to use the espuma. It resulted in the kitchen and my sister being sprayed with foamed up butterbeans.

Jia: Just last week I burnt rice in my aunt's favourite pot. There are still burnt bits in there. Oops

Which ingredient can you not live without?

Ben: Flour to make bread.

Jia: A toss –up between tofu and chocolate.

And finally, what is the special element that will ensure that your team wins?

Disclosure: we’ve not actually met before! We think just the fact that we’ve got the sheer balls to do this without meeting until 2 days before the competition means we could be a force to be reckoned with. But seriously, we’re off the cuff cooks who will most likely cook as we feel on the day. We probably won’t be using any foam though, just in case.

Follow Jia and Ben on Twitter on Sunday 11th July and fingers crossed we won't be wading through foam.


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