Meet the finalists: Recipe for Disaster

>> Monday 5 July 2010

With less than a week to go until the NomNomNom finals take place, we'll be bringing you short interviews with the finalists so you can see what get them excited in the kitchen. First off are the People's Choice Winners of the 2008 NomNomNom - Kai and Jon aka Recipe for Disaster.

Recipe for Disaster

What makes you two the perfect NomNomNom pairing?

We’re the East meets West pairing, a veritable fusion of talents. That, and we both love cooking and taking photos of food we’ve made/eaten.

What impact do you think social networks and bloggers have had on the world of cooking and/or restaurant reviewing?

Like in many areas, it's made the whole thing accessible. You don't have to read a review of a restaurant by one “expert” person, you can tap into the wisdom of crowds and see what lots of people think about a place. And it's made recommendations so much easier – you can post a photo of an amazing meal, and write a post around it. That could then be seen by anyone – so it opens up the world to share in your experiences.

Can you tell us about a memorable disaster you’ve had in the kitchen?

is it cream? no, it's butter & milk by Jon JuanProbably in the first NomNomNom challenge when we were trying to whip some cream, but whipped so hard we made the cream split and had curds and whey (no whey – yes whey!).

Which ingredient can you not live without?

Jon - Cheese (apart from January this year, when I gave it up for charity). That and Chillies too. Chilli and cheese go together so well.

Kai - Wine. Great for creating a quick sauce and as an excuse to open up a nice bottle.

And finally, what is the special element that will ensure that your team wins?

Experience – we’ve done it once, and know what it takes to win the public vote. That and a willingness to shamelessy promote ourselves online for votes...

Follow Kai and Jon on Twitter on Sunday 11th July to see whether they will end up making more curds & whey again.


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