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>> Thursday 26 July 2012

It all started with a cuppa tea....

Copyright Urvashi Roe_Nom Nom Nom 2012
Cuppa Tea
A cuppa tea one rainy morning browsing Twitter seeing a note from @_NomNomNom__ calling for entries into this ultimate year's competition for food bloggers.

A cuppa tea one inspired evening on the phone dreaming up menus that were authentic to our Gujerati roots and seasonal here in the UK.  Meena from @ChaiLounge is a South African born Gujerati and I, Urvashi,  am a Tanzanian born @GujeratiGirl.  Same continent.  Same language but would our tastes work together? We were both keen to try. 

The theme this year was 'The 2012 Olympics'.  For me this represents Challenge, Competition and Camaraderie.


The biggest challenge we faced was living hours away from each other.  How would we agree flavours and and combine our tastes?  It wasn't ideal but we agreed our menus and set about practising each other's recipes.  Meena lives in Edinburgh and I live in London so it was impossible to meet up. We found similarities. We found differences. We had a few more cuppas and all was well again. 


Competition day came around too quickly.  We arrived at Cookery School's cosy HQ to the warmest of welcomes and a breakfast of champions.
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Gorgeous Oatie Breakfast Biscuits
Copyright Urvashi Roe_Nom Nom Nom 2012-4
Gooey Flapjacks
Copyright Urvashi Roe_Nom Nom Nom 2012-5
Yummy cheese scones
I was excited to meet the other competition entrants. There was a wonderful mix of world cuisines - a truly Olympic variety but already the rivalry had begun!  

Copyright Urvashi Roe_Nom Nom Nom 2012-7
Competition toughing up!
First off, we walked to Marylebone Farmer's Market in search of our ingredients. We had £40 to spend but as we had brought some of our unusual spices with us, we cut this down to £35.  

Stocking up on fresh produce #nomnnomnom2012
Marylebone Farmer's Market
Thankfully we found all our key ingredients but it was touch and go with the coriander who we got from this crazy man.

And the chickpea flour, that this wonderful chap in Waitrose helped us discover hidden in the ethnic foods aisle. 
Phew! Last one. Thank you lively Waitrose man #nomnnomnom2012
Smiles and excellent service at Waitrose

Back at base, we kicked off with a health and safety briefing from the fabulous Rosalind Rathouse of Cookery School. Something as important to us aspiring chefs as to all the Olympic athletes who'll be competing this week.
Copyright Urvashi Roe_Nom Nom Nom 2012-6
The lovely Rosalind Rathouse from Cookery school

On your marks.....get set.....go! The cooking countdown began! 

Not even five minutes in and we encountered our first hiccup. Meena's pressure cooker could not be used on the induction hobs. Eeeeeeeeeek! This was essential for our dhal as our lentils were unsoaked!

Copyright Urvashi Roe_Nom Nom Nom 2012-12
Pressure cooker kaputt!
Thankfully the incredibly friendly Cookery School team were on hand and we borrowed one - albeit enormous for our cupful of red 'toor dhal' lentils!  

Copyright Urvashi Roe_Nom Nom Nom 2012-56
Lovely Cookery School Team
Once that was sorted, we prepped our peanut stuffing for the aubergine main course using the beautiful Magimix.
Copyright Urvashi Roe_Nom Nom Nom 2012-19
Aubergine stuffing
Next up, the chickpea flour and yoghurt stuffing for our green bullet chillies.
Copyright Urvashi Roe_Nom Nom Nom 2012-16
Green chillies stuffed with chickpea flour, yoghurt and spices
And after that it was all a blur.....

Potatoes were chopped. Spices were added. Oil was heated. Tomatoes were sizzled. Chappatti dough was made. Oil was spilled. Rose kulfi was stirred. Rose kheer was stirred. Rose flaooda was tasted. And then drunk. And then made again. 


Chickpea tins were opened. Tomatoes were cubed. Coriander leaves were torn. Onions were chopped. Onions were rechopped more finely. Coriander chutney was whizzed. Stop seasoning was misssed!


And so before we knew it! It was time to plate up. 

Our starter was a chickpea, potato and tomato 'chaat' with mangoes, onions, fresh coconut and coriander chutney. 

Copyright Urvashi Roe_Nom Nom Nom 2012-27
Gujerati Girls Starter 
Our main course was a 'thali' of dhal, simple potato curry, aubergines stuffed with peanuts and long green chillies and chappattis or rotli as we Gujerati's call them.
Copyright Urvashi Roe_Nom Nom Nom 2012-29
Gujerati Girls main courseAdd caption
Our dessert was a Trio or Rose which is a really special flavour in our food. Rose kheer - a slow cooked rice pudding; Rose Falooda - a milkshake with vermicelli and basil seeds; and Rose Kulfi - a rich ice cream.
Copyright Urvashi Roe_Nom Nom Nom 2012-25
Gujerati Girls Trio of Rose
And that was that! All over. 

A tiring day. A fun day. A loooong day! 


What would the judges decide? At this point I wasn't really bothered. I was enjoying the glass of white wine from Natural Wines and the sense camaraderie as we all chatted about the day's events and challenges.

There are lots of ways to get involved. As a first step, why not buy some virtual raffle tickets for some amazing cookery and food related goodies. As the judges deliberated, we all sat down to the fruits of our labour.

The wonderful Cookery School chefs had taken our dishes and created an enormous buffet with them all so we could taste everything from each team.
Copyright Urvashi Roe_Nom Nom Nom 2012-49
For me this was the best part and if I had been the judge, my vote would have gone to the American team's gazpacho. It was awesome!

 Meena and I took the Bronze medal so to speak with Silver going to the Singaporean delights of Singply Sensational and the Gold to the fabulous Chorizo Chica.
Copyright Urvashi Roe_Nom Nom Nom 2012-54
Scooping third proze
We received the most amazing prizes, goody bags and support from the Nom Nom Nom 2012 team and judges. I had had an amazing day in aid of Action Against Hunger, made new friends and tasted new dishes.  

Nom Nom Nom 2012 Goody Bag
Fabulous Goody Bag
But what was now needed more than anything, was a little cuppa tea :-)



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