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>> Saturday 6 August 2011

There's only a  few days to go  before the online vote for Viewer's Choice for Nom Nom Nom goes live on Monday 8th August. We promised to put up the Foodie/pop culture related "killer" quiz that the finalists did after lunch linked to a raffle to raise money for Action Against Hunger

Bolli with Great Britsh Chefs app Mmm .... Crab's looking possible
Bolli watching crab video on Great British Chefs app
So, how well would YOU have done at the quiz?

The five  people who get the most answers correct  (try not to Google them)  - will each win a free download of the Great British Chefs app (you can see how entralled Bolli is with the app in the first picture).  For £4.99 the iPad and iPhone app contains 180 exclusive recipes from 12 Michelin starred chefs including video techniques and stunning photography.  TimeOut London called it "food porn at its best" and it was PocketLint's app of the day  "expansive but not intimidating. Jam packed with content (if not jam)."

Please leave your answers in the comments section below or over on the GoingUnderground blog  & the five winners will be selected on Thursday 11th August.  Good luck

Q1 – You’re making lunch for busy office workers. Office Space is a cult film by Mike Judge starring Ron Livingstone & Jennifer Aniston. One of the characters also starred in a re-make of a cult seventies series – what’s the actors name and what was the name that film?
Q2 – The Trip was a BAFTA award winning TV series starring Steve Coogan & Rob Brydon who go on a culinary tour of the North of England with the aim of writing restaurant reviews. Which breakfast cereal does Rob Brydon currently promote?

Q3 – Julie & Julia is a film about blogger Julie Powell who was inspired to revitalise her marriage by cooking Julia Childs’ dishes. Julia Childs was played by Meryl Streep. What’s the connection between her and Tina Fey?

Q4 – Toast by Nigel Slater was recently televised. Helena Bonham Carter played his step mother, but who played his Dad?

Q5 – At the end of Sideways Paul Giamatti’s character Miles drinks his most prized wine on his own in a fast food restaurant – what variety of wine is it?

Q6 – Ratatouille follows the adventures of a French rat who dwells in an upmarket Parisian restaurant and dreams of becoming a world-class chef. Where did the stewed vegetable dish Ratatouille originate?

Q7 – Tickets for two at Comedy Festival at Riverside in Hammersmith were up for grabs. Name a food lover’s restaurant that’s nearby - Chicken Cottage doesn’t count

Q8 – No Reservations stars Catherine Zeta Jones as a Master Chef but what does she have in common with Rosemary & Thyme?

Q9 – Jamie’s Christmas DVD can get you in the mood for the festivities. Oliver has recently severed his ties with Sainsbury's. Which chef will be Sainsbury’s new face in a deal worth £1 million a year?

Q10 – Mistress of Spices is a romantic film where spice shop owner Tila – who must love only spices for them to work, gradually falls in love with American Doug. What other foodie film (also based on a novel) does this really sound like?

Q11 – Dinner Rush is set in an elegant, but hectic, New York restaurant over the course of a highly eventful evening. Name a New York Diner/café made famous on TV

Q12 – Fast Food Nation starring Bruce Willis and Kris Kristofferson is a film based on a book with the same title. Who wrote the book?

Q13 – TV cook Rick Stein wrote English Seafood Cookery – what’s the nickname given to the town where he has his famous restaurant?

Q14 - Elizabeth David is the woman who changed the face of British cooking. She introduced post-war Britain to the sun-drenched delights of the Mediterranean – We had copies of Summer Cooking, A Book of Mediterranean Food and Italian Food to give away. In the BBC2 TV dramatisation of her life Greg Wise played her lover Peter Higgins. Name a film starring Greg Wise. Plus who’s he married to?

Q15 – We all love our afternoon tea breaks, but who was the first person to originate the traditional English afternoon tea?

Q16 – The Duck Tea Infuser was up for grabs, where was the first tea bag invented?

Q17 – Who’s the largest producer of tea in the world?

Q18 – What nation drinks the most tea per capita?

Q19 – A roundel ice cube tray was up for grabs in the raffle.  Can you name a Tube station that used to have a pub on its platform?

Q20 – Jane Grigson was one of the UK’s most famous cooks, we had a copy of her English Food Book in the raffle. Her daughter is a well known cookery writer – what’s her name?
Q21 - Last Question – This was for a copy of One Stop Short of Barking in the raffle – That book wot I wrote in collaboration with Annie Mole. Annie Mole had 3,948 followers before doing a tweet about Nom Nom Nom on the morning of the contest. She'd been Tweeting about this all day – had she annoyed people or not – did she have more or less followers at the end of the day?

Please leave your answers in the comments section below - please leave your email address or Twitter account so we can contact you if you win.  (GoingUnderground's blog is also collecting responses).  The five people who get the most answers correct will be selected on Thursday 11th August and each win a free download of the Great British Chefs app. Good luck


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