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>> Sunday 12 June 2011

Now in its 4th year, we're delighted to announce that Nom Nom Nom will be taking place in late July. We're still ironing out a few details but as before it will take place on a Sunday, we'll still be focussing on pairs of bloggers cooking seasonal, sustainable and delicious food. There will still be a panel of food experts (chefs, writers & cooks). There will still be a public vote to decide the overall winners.  There will still be a great raffle for Action Against Hunger where everyone can get a chance to win foodie prizes.  However, what's going to make this year's even more exciting, is the opportunity for the winners to have their food sold in London's West End for a week.

Nom Nom Nom's lead sponsor - Cookery School has just opened a small yet beautiful take-out cafe in Little Portland Street, London, W1, called Rosalind's Kitchen.  To celebrate the launch, this year's challenge will involve making an office lunch for four that could be sold in Rosalind's Kitchen.

As well as taking the 2011 Nom Nom Nom crown (& the other fab foodie prizes on offer), the winners will have their menu served in Rosalind's Kitchen for a week. Imagine that. Busy West End office workers, tourists and shoppers will be able to sample your food.

Watch this space for further details and how to enter, but for now sit back and have a look at what goes on in Rosalind's Kitchen and the breakfasts and lunches that are prepared with love and care every weekday.


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