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>> Sunday 25 July 2010

And so it was, on the seventh day, in the year of two thousand and ten, the food gods made nom nom nom.


Two intrepid food lovers, Kai and Jon, who spend more time than is probably healthy sharing photos of food on the internet, came together in search of the ultimate glory - a culinary moment to make grown men weep, to bring joy to the darkest soul, to spread happiness where there was only sadness.

In short, they came to cook a three course meal of breathtaking beauty and sophistication (not to mention hubris).

Starter: fennel and orange salad with micro herb dressing
Main: poached cod on a tomato, potato and chorizo stew
Dessert: iles flottantes (that’s floating islands to you and me)

To illustrate the story, we turn to Kai, our humble narrator...
On Sunday afternoons as a kid I would sit cross legged in front of the television ready to listen to Lloyd Grossman introduce Masterchef on television. Fifteen years on, I was sat eagerly in a coffee shop waiting for my partner in crime Jonathan 'Jonno' Waddingham, to take on for a second time other top chefs from the social media scene in a similar challenge.

Armed only with our charm, wit and knowledge of 'Nom Nom Nom', we would spend the day shopping for our ingredients and then cooking a yummy three course meal for four. In summary, we weren’t armed with much.

Fortunately, we were cooking in Portland Place's excellent Cookery School supported by chefs who would then supervise and guide us through our day in the kitchen.
The excitement was palpable:

Arriving in the market our first purchases were the seasonal fennel, tomatoes (varying from small, cheery, and large to dried oak smoked tomatoes), free range organic eggs, line caught cod, and red onions.

The next purchases came from La Fromagerie, where we picked up both cooking chorizo and cooked chorizo, some oranges and plenty of smelly cheese (not cook with, just for us to nom on whilst cooking).

Finally… we picked up in Waitrose some micro herbs (in the form of watercress), milk, some sweet peppers, parsley and potatoes.
Things were looking awesome...

And then the cooking began.
The hardest part of our menu was the dessert, so we started on that first. We were making our floating islands in the style of Raymond Blanc’s mother's recipe – no pressure.

Once Jonno had whisked some egg whites with sugar and lemon juice, we were ready to poach said islands in some gently simmering vanilla-infused organic milk (which would later form the custard).

And if there aren’t any videos of the rest of our meal, it’s because the custard took so long to thicken (after adding 10 egg yolks and sugar to the vanilla milk)...

After such an effort on the dessert, we found time hard to come by at the end, and it was a tiny bit rushed as the clock ran down...

But we made it. And here were our final three dishes:

Starter: fennel and orange salad with micro herb dressing

Our Nom starter - fennel and orange salad

Prominent internet humourist, Cat Ceiling, wrote of this:
This dish is Nomnipotent. I have been nomnipresent at every Nom Nom nom event, and whilst this menu appeared to be nominous, never have I, as a nomnivore, nommed something so nominally nom-some. Nom.
Main: poached cod on a tomato, potato and chorizo stew

Nom main - steamed cod with chorizo, potato and tomato stew

Famous chef Delilah Smith commented, as she waited for the cod to be served (it wasn’t quite ready on time):
“Where are you? Let’s be ‘avin you”
Dessert: ile flottante

Our Nom desert - Illes flottantes

Food critic AA Battery, wrote of this:
The undeniable pièce de résistance of their menu was more akin to a heavenly cloud floating on a sea of dreams than a caramel covered poached meringue on a bed of vanilla crème anglaise.

The Blonde commented on the extraordinary consistency of the custard, a velvety, unctuous delight so beautifully textured that it made me look up awesome in my thesaurus. Maman Blanc would be proud, if only it had been Raymond who had created such a tour de cheffing force.
And so there you have it ladies and gentlemen. Team recipe for disaster were not so disastrous after all, and won the world cup spirit of the day prize on the day of Nom, but now they need your votes. And here are some not particularly convincing reasons why...

Please nom nom nominate them...


Anonymous,  3 August 2010 at 12:58  

very entertaining! all the best :D


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