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>> Friday 9 July 2010

Another chat with the finalists brings us Chris from qwghlm and Tom aka NomNomNom de Plume

NomNomNom de Plume

Tom Chopping by Annie MoleWhat makes you two the perfect NomNomNom pairing?

Chris: We’ve shared a flat (and thus a kitchen) for four years and have a developed a near-psychic understanding with each other on how to cook the world’s best fry-up.

Tom: We have extremely well-matched skill-sets; Chris is very good at cooking, and I am very good at standing around saying “that smells nice.”

What impact do you think social networks and bloggers have had on the world of cooking and/or restaurant reviewing?

Chris: Eating out has changed enormously. Not just for finding out new places – there’s nothing nicer than hearing a friend (or even a stranger) say on Facebook or Twitter “that restaurant you told me about was fantastic".

Tom: Also, you can now normally tell if a restaurant’s good by how many people are taking pictures of their food as they eat to blog about it later.

Can you tell us about a memorable disaster you’ve had in the kitchen?

Chris: I try to forget my disasters… I do have a very bad record with cakes though. I either end up nuking them or they’re soggy in the middle.

Tom: I have only nearly burnt my house down once, which isn’t a bad batting average. Also, there was this memorable incident where I put too many chillies in a recipe, the last 3,472 times I cooked anything at all.

Which ingredient can you not live without?

Chris: Chillies. I even took a bottle of Tabasco to Glastonbury with me to make the fare more interesting.

Tom: Also chillies (see above). Which, given that I’m on dessert duty in the competition, should be interesting.

And finally, what is the special element that will ensure that your team wins?

Chris: I’m not cooking a cake.

Tom: I’m not cooking a cake either.

Follow Chris and Tom on Sunday on Twitter to see if they can be persuaded to make a chilli cake!


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