Meet the finalists: Grate Grate Grate

>> Friday 9 July 2010

Introducing Lea from Feeling the Fear and Sharon from Tete-a-Tea who're getting ready for the NomNomNom final as Grate, Grate, Grate.

Team Grate Grate Grate

What makes you two the perfect NomNomNom pairing?

We have successfully killed at least 80% of the time we've spent together by simply talking about food. We love the stuff. And we've both put ourselves into extreme situations in order to fulfil our foodie-ness. Ask Sharon about the time she baked for 600 Tete-a-tea guests. Epic.

What impact do you think social networks and bloggers have had on the world of cooking and/or restaurant reviewing?

Social media has democratised the world of food and specifically reviewing. This grassroots movements has put the power of food where it belongs: in the hands of people who love it. The impact and new opportunities this offers the food business is phenomenal.

Can you tell us about a memorable disaster you’ve had in the kitchen?

Well, there was Masterchef, but that's a story of many chapters in its own right.

Which ingredient can you not live without?

Greek Yoghurt.

And finally, what is the special element that will ensure that your team wins?

We're going to have huge dollops of fun. Hopefully that will shine through.

Follow Sharon & Lea on Twitter this Sunday to see the fun shine through.


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