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>> Sunday 11 July 2010

We've reached the morning of the finals and will "attempt" a live blog of today's events so you can get a feel of what's going on throughout the day.

Silly o'clock - some early morning tweets from finalists making their way to Cookery School

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9.30 - Finalists arrive - all amazingly on time or early.

Finalist huddle
Finalist Huddle

Recipe for Disaster
"Shamelessly trying to curry favour with the judges by wearing my nom t-shirt": tweeted Jon

Team Grate Grate Grate
Sharon & Lea - Team Grate Grate Grate

Team Summer Stew
Team Summer Stew - Jia & Ben

Katman & Robin
Katman & Robin

Team Greedy
Team Greedy
9.40 - Breakfast time

10.00 - Finalists off to the market

Farmer's Market picture by Food Urchin
Farmer's Market picture by Food Urchin

Ginger Pig Shopping by Utku

Meat by mseasons
Meat by mseasons

10.15 - TikiChris does photography of the amazing goodie bags which all the finalists will get to take home.

TikiChris photographing goody bag

NomNomNom Goody Bag

There were a queue of NomNomNom'ers waiting for Waitrose to open

Waitrose Queue by Utku

11.30 - Teams beginning to make their way back from shopping to their cooking stations.

11.35 - Finalists huddle for Health & Safety talk & team briefing from Cookery School

Cookery School Briefing


11.45: A twitpic from Tarragons of Virtue: "And so it begins #nom10 - @mseasons presents our ingredients" from Cowfish

And so it begins #nom10 - @mseasons presents our ingredients

Rachel McCormack by Izabel_Blue
That's a large watermelon from Pilleulo and The Catalan Queen

Jon and Ros from Cookery School by Izabel_Blue
Jon from Recipe for Disaster and Ros from Cookery School

12.15 - First injury of the day - just a mild cut as Tom from NomNomNom De Plume soldiers on

Tom by Izabel_Blue

12.20 - Serious concentrating on chopping up tomatoes by FoodUrchin from Pilleulo and The Catalan Queen

FoodUrchin by Izabel_Blue

12.30 - Lots of Magimixing from Jia and Victoria

Jia and Victoria at the Magimixes

12.45 - Cowfish and mseasons in chopping mode as Tarragons of Virtue

Tarragons of Virtue by Izabel_Blue

Utku from Like Mother, Like Son, resplendent in "cookery whites"

Utku resplendent in 'cookery whites'

12.50 - Carla from Cultural Hotpot preparing potatoes

Bribed with Food

12.55 - Cooking seems to be going by in a bit of a blur.

Chris from NomNomNom de Plume by Izabel_Blue

13.25 - Time is flying by as Katman and Robin cook

Katman and Robin by Izabel_Blue

13.30 - Team Greedy preparing vegetables

Team Greedy by Izabel_Blue

13.32 - Tom assures us that's not blood from his finger on his apron but berry juice

Tom from NomNomNom De Plume by Izabel_Blue

13.45 - Only 30 minutes of cooking time remain as Cowfish and Utku look deep in thought

Utku & Cowfish by Izabel_Blue

14.00 - Kitchen is a hive of activity with 15 minutes of cooking time to go

15 minutes to go by Izabel_Blue

14.15 - Food being plated up for the judging

Food being plated for  by Izabel_Blue

14.30 - The finalists get ready for a meal of all of the dishes

Almost lunchtime by mseasons
Time to choose and eat

 Nom. We got done. Done food.
15.00 Much discussion and scoring from the judges

Judgely Huddle

Judgely deliberation

16.30 - After a lot of judgely huddling, counting of points and deliberating, the winners of the day were.....

World Cup Spirit of the Day Prize to Recipe for Disaster (good job Jon loves cheese) who won a World Cup Goody bag - with Dutch cheese & Spanish snacks.

Kai & Jon Celebrate by Tiki Chris
Kai & Jon Celebrate by Tiki Chris

Honourable mention to team Summer Stew - aka Jia & Ben

2nd place: Katman & Robin - aka Kate Lord & Robin Clark who each won a Robust blender from Philips

Katman & Robin Celebrate by Tiki Chris
Katman & Robin Celebrate by Tiki Chris
DSC_3794 DSC_3793

Katman & Robin's Vietnamese inspired menu

1st place: Pilleulo and The Catalan Queen - aka FoodUrchin & Rachel McCormack - who won an Artisan Food Processor, an Artisan blender from Kitchen Aid and bottles of Champagne from Vintage Roots

Rachel & Danny by Tiki Chris
Rachel & Danny by Tiki Chris

Rachel & Danny looking very chilled

We'd love to thank everyone who took part in an AMAZING cook-off today, with special thanks to TikiChris and Izabel Blue, the judges - Susan, Xanthe, Nick and Flori and of course a HUGE thanks to Cookery School, Ros, Claudine, Hugo, Marcela, Juliander, Ian and Paloma who did the most sterling job in hosting the event and their very tireless help and assistance to all the finalists today.

Group Shot by Tiki Chris
Group Shot by Tiki Chris

Watch this space in the next two weeks for the Action Against Hunger raffle and the Viewers' Choice voting. There's still a lot at stake with fantastic prizes for the overall online winners including a Magimix, a set of five star knives from Henckels, 2 bottles of Gin Mare gin, £50 charity donation from Justgiving AND a masterclass for five people from Chilango.


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